Johanna Stein

Johanna Stein


“This is the rare funny book on becoming and being a mother that doesn’t sound as if you’ve read it before (probably because it is chock-full of things most of us would never, ever say).”
– NYTimes, Motherlode

“Johanna Stein is the ‘Funniest Mom We Know’…”
     – Parents Magazine

“Johanna Stein is like Erma Bombeck crossed with Louis CK,
but without all the f*cking curse words.”

     – Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family


Looking for the perfect book to help you survive childbirth and parenting with your sanity intact? Look elsewhere. For Johanna Stein, parenting is an extreme sport. Her stories from the trenches may not always be shared experiences—have you ever turned a used airplane barf-bag into a puppet to calm your wailing baby?—but they will always make you laugh.

Columnist Lisa Belkin advises: “It is dangerous to read [Johanna] any place where it is inappropriate to laugh uncontrollably. It is also dangerous to read her if your bladder control is not what it once was. But once you soldier through and do read her you have made a friend—one who ‘gets it’ and makes ‘it’ easier to do because she’s on your team.”

So, no, this book won’t teach you how to deal with nipple blisters or oedipal complexes. But if you want to learn why you should never attempt to play a practical joke in the delivery room, then you’re in the right place.

“Johanna Stein is one of the funniest women on the planet.”
       – Alanis Morissette

“These stories will make milk shoot from one of your nostrils and a martini from the other. Johanna Stein brings to mind the unflinching honesty and compassion of Nora Ephron.” 
      – Nia Vardalos, My Big Fat Greek Wedding

“Much more than “mommy lit”, this book will make any reader laugh so hard they’ll pee a little. Or maybe a lot”
     – Beth Littleford, actress and The Daily Show correspondent

“Johanna Stein is lovely, insightful, and a big bowl of funny.”
     – Jeff Garlin, comedian/writer/producer, Curb Your Enthusiasm

“Johanna Stein’s essays make me laugh way too loud, way too hard, and way too long. She’s like the David Sedaris of moms.”
     – Annie Mumolo: co-writer, Bridesmaids

“Johanna Stein has a way of taking the good, the bad, and the ugly and turning it into a delicious piece of candy (‘mind candy’ of course, as real candy is ‘bad’ for you as any good mother knows). Simply put: I love her writing. I love the way she lays it all out there with such honesty and candor and tremendous relatability.” 
    – Mo Collins, actress and comedian, MADtv, Parks and Recreation

“Johanna Stein’s wit, humor, compassion, and quirky underdog view on life make her stories a pure joy to read. I just cannot get enough of her writing.” 
   – Tracy Vilar, actress, House M.D., Maid

“Since her days as a comic with a guitar, writer/comedienne Johanna Stein has never failed to surprise, delight, and blow audiences away with her fearless storytelling. And when I say fearless, I don’t mean the, ‘Gee, sometimes my kids make me so mad I want to have two glasses of chardonnay!’ kind. No, I mean fearless in the making you gasp, ‘Oh sh*t she did not do that!’ way. Stein is the kind of writer we all aspire to be, the fab girl next door who lures you in with unadorned honesty and witty prose and then slams you in to the messy truth in such a viscerally compelling way that you cannot not be moved to laughter, to tears, and most of all to appreciating the great joy of what it means to
be human.” 
    – Dani Klein Modisett, writer/producer/editor, “Afterbirth” & HuffPo contributor

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