Johanna Stein

Johanna Stein

Uh, Anyone Got An Emmy Dress Lying Around?

I am humbled, honored, and flat-out gobsmacked to say that I have been nominated for a Creative Arts Emmy. Here’s some proof so you know it’s not just the Sharpie-sniffing talking: The category is Outstanding Short-Form Animated Programming, and it’s for the Disney show “Wander Over Yonder” on which I was a staff writer. If […]

Valentine’s Day is upon us…

…which means it’s time for some bad singing, some painfully awkward dance moves, and some hot, heavy, UTI-inducing Parental Love. Click, watch, and learn. (And then go wash your eyeballs and forgive me for the visual horrors I have unleashed upon you.) xo j

If you’re near a tv today…

I’ll be appearing on “The Doctors”, discussing “MomHead”, “How Not to Calm a Child on a Plane”, and offering helpful hints for performing emergency brain surgery! And if you’re not near a tv, here’s the video for viewing right the heck now! http://www.thedoctorstv.com/videos/dealing-with-a-brutally-honest-toddler#.  

The Reich Way

For the longest time I was not ready to have kids. I was on the pill, used a diaphragm, and would have my husband triple bag it on our bi-annual lovemaking occasions. And then one day we realized we’d been wasting valuable time when we could have been declaring a decent deduction on our taxes […]

Unconventional Wisdom

Johanna Stein, Comedian

(as seen in www.womensconference.org ) You’re going to be dead soon. That’s what I say to myself every morning when I look in the mirror. And no, it’s not my corpse-strength morning breath rising up into my own nostrils that inspires such sentiment (though you should pray to god you never have to experience it […]